Eric Hoffer Book Award Judges’ Commentary

      Check out the Eric Hoffer Book Award judges’ commentary for Two Terrible Days in May: The Rader Farm Massacre. The book was in the Middle Reader category—which is aimed toward the pre-teen market and includes chapter books.

“Two Terrible Days in May, Billie Holladay Skelley, LawMux Press – Ringtail’s grandfather leads Ringtail to an empty field. There, he tells Ringtail of an often-forgotten battle that occurred long ago, during the Civil War. Grandpa’s account of the Rader Farm Massacre in Jasper County Missouri highlights the participation and sacrifice of African American Union soldiers, many of whom lost their lives. Grandpa also reveals how history may have depicted these soldiers unfairly in suggesting their actions were cowardly. Based on archaeological findings that contradict previous accounts of the event, Grandpa points out how historical accounts can vary depending on the source. This illustrated narrative is somber yet accessible to younger readers. Young Ringtail and Grandpa, both raccoons, share an informative dialogue.”    The Eric Hoffer Award

The US Review of Books will publish the judges’ remarks in their publication.