Amazon Review of Ruth Law: The Queen of the Air

Many thanks to Jerri Bergen for her wonderful review of Ruth Law: The Queen of the Air on Amazon:

Ms Skelley’s book will be enjoyed by both children and adults as it relates the truly remarkable adventures of Ruth Law, pioneer aviatrix who opened many doors for women. The book relates Law’s adventures as told by reporters interviewing Ms Law and others who witnessed her aviation feats. The book includes fun facts, vocabulary words, maps, and simple, clear illustrations of early aviator’s flying attire, and other aviation scenes. The book also provides a comprehensive source listing, allowing young readers to do further research. I enjoyed providing this book to my young gadget-minded friends who, after reading it, had many further questions that started conversations like “What is a pusher plane?” and “How can you wear TWO leather suits at one time?”

A book that would be a good addition to any young reader’s library

Jerri Bergen

American Aviation Historical Society President